I grew up with this painting, given to my father by Picabia.
It was left to me in my father’s will, but disappeared while my father lay dying in Mexico. If you see it, know where it is, I would greatly appreciate the information.
It was one of my greatest influences in learning how to paint.

about me…

I started a decorative painting business, in Maine, in 1989. I have taught painting and drawing, had my work in major (and minor)magazines and publications, been the designer/artist in 6 showhouses. I have been very fortunate to have found a career that allows me to do what I know best. My first paint set was a Windsor Newton set of oils given to me by my father when I was about 8. I loved the smell of the turp, linseed oil, the paint. And mixing all those colors!

My latest passion, I think I could do it everyday given the chance!, is gardening. The scientific names, the weed identification, all makes sense now – and I can remember them! I blame age – when your mind starts to clear and you can hear those individual voices so much clearer. The end of the frenetic mind! (for me, at least).

The invincibility of youth – the humility of age.

If not noted, the interiors, paintings, photographs, decorative painting are by me.

I will always give credit for another’s work – if I am in error – please let me know.

And I would appreciate a credit if you use my work in another forum, venue, repost, etc.

Thank you,

Olivia Atherton, Maine

be obscure clearly….eb white

I am Olivia.

the random shoe is just that. It’s that shoe – often just one – by the side of the road, in the road, on the shore. It doesn’t seem to fit – but it actually does – because life is just a series of what seem to be random events that we organize and give meaning to by acknowledging them.